The Blowing Rock Town Council has set a public hearing Tuesday February 12, 2019 at 6:00 P.M. at Town Hall for consideration of major changes in long standing town codes governing downtown development. these changes include:

1. Eliminating restrictions on the density of residential units on downtown properties that could enable construction of numerous condominiums without council approval or public input.

2. Increases in the permitted heights of buildings constructed in the downtown area. Enabling more and larger residential units on downtown properties.

3. A substantial reduction in the amount of green space required for downtown area developments enabling more units to be built on downtown properties.

4. Measurement of building heights from secondary streets instead of from primary streets such as Main Street and Highway 221.

5. A reduction in the amount of space required for trees and in the height of trees planted for a development.

6. A substantial reduction in set backs required for construction of buildings enabling more units to be built on downtown properties.

Community surveys of residents, property owners and taxpayers have repeatedly listed their top priority to be as spelled out in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan  “…to ensure that the Town’s unique character and quality of life are not compromised.” The question is: How will the major proposed changes, if approved, impact this top resident priority? We urge all interested citizens to attend the February 12, 2019 public hearing and to express your important opinion on these proposed code changes.  WE URGE YOU TO EMAIL THE MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL IF YOU CAN NOT ATTEND.


William H. Carter
Vice President – Blowing Rock Civic Association

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