Neighborhood Meeting with Developer of Hotel Project on Pine Street and Laurel Lane

October 25, 2021

Dear Blowing Rock Homeowners,

A neighborhood meeting with the developer will be held at Town Hall on  Wednesday, October 27th, at 5 PM to review a proposed project to build a hotel on the .337 acre site at Pine Street and Laurel Lane.  The proposed project is behind the new 1150 Main Street building.

The project will will be a Conditional Rezoning Permit that will be reviewed by the Planning Board  in November. Since the project is a Conditional Rezoning Permit application, the community will be able to provide input if the project comes before the Town Council.

The project will have 14 “hotel rooms” but it is unclear at this point how many “sleeping rooms” are included in each “hotel room”. We have asked that the developer provide floorplans.

One key question will be the calculation of required parking spaces for the number of guests that the “hotel rooms” will accommodate. As we know, parking in Downtown is difficult and we believe the intent of the Land Use Code requires adequate on site parking for all hotel or short term rental properties.   The definition of a “hotel room” and a “bedroom” has been a matter of concern for other projects.  In the final analysis, the property should have  on on site parking to accommodate the number of occupants that are being marketed to customers.

Please consider attending to learn first hand.


Tim Gupton



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