October 20, 2021

Dear Blowing Rock Homeowners

The Planning Board will meet tomorrow, October 21st at 5:30 PM, to  review a proposed re-development of a site on Valley Boulevard called “The Scotchman”.  The property was acquired by the DOT when 321 was constructed and then sold as surplus property. The site was an old convenience store and gas station.

The application is a Special Use Permit – 2021-6.  The public can speak at the Planning Board, but only adjacent property owners can speak at the quasi-judicial meeting of the Town Council if the project is approved by the Planning Board.


The staff report from Planning Director Kevin Rothrock follows:

Project:                       CUP 2021-06 Old Scotchman – Retail
Meeting Date:                        October 21, 2021
Applicant:                   High Country Manor, LLC
Staff:                           Kevin Rothrock, Planning Director


High Country Manor, LLC is requesting a Special Use Permit to renovate the old Scotchman building at 7815 Valley Blvd for a retail beer and wine shop.  The parking area is being redesigned and the roof is being modified along with changes to the front façade.  The property is zoned GB, General Business and is located in the WS-IV water supply watershed. The property is further identified by Watauga County PIN 2817-17-2803-000.


The proposed site is a redevelopment of the former Scotchman gas station and convenience store. The property was purchased by NCDOT through the 321 widening project. After the road was completed, the property was placed on the real estate market and purchased by Britt Medley.

For the proposed retail use 15 parking spaces are required and the applicant is providing 15 parking spaces with one being ADA accessible. Access to the parking will utilize the existing driveway cuts on Valley Blvd, but will be limited to one-way traffic flow from south to north.

Storm Water Management

The development of the site will result in reduced impervious surfaces through additional landscape areas placed in areas previously paved.  Additional drainage pipes will be installed to pick up the water that collects in the rear of the building. These pipes will be connected to the NCDOT catch basin on the corner of Hwy 321.


The building will be renovated by removing the parapet roof and constructing a new metal roof. Two garage doors are proposed to be added to the front of the building along with two dormers and middle roof structure with stone columns at the entrance.

The existing stone on the building will remain and the building colors and trim will be complimentary to the stone.



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