Legislative Alert – Attack on Neighborhoods by our Legislature


September 16, 2021

Dear Blowing Rock Homeowners,


The North Carolina League of Municipalities shared this alert.

A harmful provision damaging the ability of cities and towns to regulate short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, was included in the North Carolina House of Representatives’ proposed state budget, and the provision is now being negotiated as part of a final budget deal.

If you are concerned about this latest backdoor attempt to undermine local regulation of short-term rentals, we urge you to take action now by asking your state legislators to keep this provision out of the final budget agreement.

Resort towns like Blowing Rock are especially at risk.  We enjoy a balanced approach based on our ordinance that allows Short Term Rental Units in downtown and restrictions on Short Term Rental Units in our neighborhoods.

Please contact any NC House or Senate member throughout the state whom you know. Our two local delegation members are in the minority on this issue, but you can also share with each of them.


This provision damages the ability of municipalities to place reasonable regulations on short-term rentals that protect existing home values, community character and public safety. The short-term rental business has proliferated in recent years, and we are now seeing these properties being utilized as continuous, year-round, short-term rentals that lower neighboring property values.

If you agree that it is important to keep your ability to enact regulations that address noise, parking and other factors that can negatively impact public safety and quality of life, then now is the time to act. If you fear this provision would affect your municipality, please reach out to your legislators in the Senate and the House to let them know of your opposition. It is important to make your voice heard as the General Assembly decides what will stay in and what will come out of the final budget.



Tim Gupton


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