1150 Main Street Project Analysis by Blowing Rock Civic Association Development Committee

Project at 1150 Main St. in Blowing Rock, NC Date:  March 19, 2018

The committee members were furnished with architectural drawings, elevations and other material concerning the above referenced project.  On March 9, 2018 the committee members met, on site, with the real estate agents, developer, his architect and engineer. The committee walked the site and was shown the building footprint on the property. The committee met with the Planning Supervisor and examined his file and discussed the project with him.

It is not the mission of the committee to endorse or not endorse a project.  It is the committee’s function to look at the material available to it and report any concerns it may have.

The committee has no concerns as to parking, height, density,  scale, setbacks or other matters involved with the project.

The committee is unanimous in its decision and authorizes the secretary to sign this memo on their behalf.

Respectfully submitted:

Blowing Rock Civic Association Development Committee

By Robert M. Burroughs –      Secretary

The committee  includes a brief professional history of its members. All members  of the committee  are Blowing Rock  homeowners.

James Scott: -2- years on the Blowing  Rock Planning Board (in the early 80’s);  -50+• years as a registered professional; Engineered (ret);  -20- years as a licensed general contractor (ret); licensed real estate broker (inactive).

Marshall Sealey:  BS degree in metallurgical engineering from NCSU;  -47- years engineering and constructing large industrial projects.   He has worked in almost all US states and -20- foreign countries.  He retired in 2017.

Julian  West:  -30+- years in commercial  construction  and property management; served several terms on the Statesville, NC Planning  Board and Statesville Board of Adjustment

John lsehour:

Bob Burroughs:   Trial attorney-14- years; North Carolina Superior  Court Judge

-20- years (ret);  -11- years as a certified mediator and arbitrator.

Note:  Bill Carter did not participate  in this evaluation.   He resigned from the committee because his wife was appointed to the Blowing Rock  Board of Adjustment

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