Underground Utilities fail: 3-2 vote

May 11, 2023

Thank you Town Council!

May 11, 2023

Greetings from BRCA 28605!

We want to say “Thank You” to our Town Council for their service and careful consideration of recent decisions.  BRCA is not opposed to the Underground Utility project but rather believes urgent needs should be addressed before “wants.”

The financial information presented at the Town Council meeting showed us that the Underground Utility project with interest would cost about $9 million dollars over the life of the loan.  This $9 million figure made us all aware of the true cost.  Our town would be servicing debt for 15 years plus, depending on phase 2’s inception.

Town Manager Shane Fox has been clear about his list of over $40 million of capital needs for Blowing Rock, and we all have experienced water problems that had a major impact on our town last summer. 

We hope that our council will continue to be fiscally responsible in making decisions that are important to our quality of life and safety first.

On another note, please continue to submit your top three choices on our survey of topics, and let us know what you want BRCA to work on – on behalf of homeowners and the rest of the community.

Also, the town budget proposal will be released this Friday, and on May 18th there will be a “listen only” meeting about the budget for the public.  There will be an opportunity to comment on the budget at the June Town Council meeting on Tuesday, June 13th.

We also want to remind everyone the 2023 Priorities Survey is now open and available.  Numerous responses are coming in ever day.  Please take 3 minutes and complete our survey.  You can find it under the “SURVEY” tab at brcivic.org

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