Time to Renew your Membership

Dear Homeowners,

COVID 19 has gripped our personal and public lives, but we must continue to advocate for changes that affect the future of our village.

You should have already received a membership renewal with a progress report through March 2020. Thank you for continuing to support the Blowing Rock Civic Association.
Since March, we have worked to end the 14 Day Quarantine for residents concurrent with the Governor’s plan, reviewed the FY21 Town budget and reviewed the Planning Board work plan that is focused implementing the Valley Boulevard Vision recommendations from the community.

Your board of directors reviewed and set our short-term priorities that we think are achievable given the limitations we face:
1. Set a vision for West Main Street
2. Advocate to upgrade EMS Services
3. Set a vision for restoration of the New River and extension for Middle Fork Greenway.

In addition to these 2020 priorities, our Advocacy Plan includes a long-term goal to eliminate the contentious Condition Use Permit that does not allow the Council to communicate or worse not consider input from the community. We believe that all citizens have a stake in significant projects in the village, not just developers. The Town should eliminate Conditional Use Permits and choose Conditional Zoning Permits as the best process insure significant projects respect and preserve the village.
Together we can be a unifying voice for the homeowners of Blowing Rock.

If you have not already yet sent your membership, please consider sending today. Memberships start at $55. Many choose to raise support to $100 or $500 and we are fortunate to have support at levels between $500 and $2,000.
Please mail your checks to Blowing Rock Civic Association at PO Box 2471, Blowing Rock, NC, 28605 or submit on our website at https://www.brcivic.org/become-a-member/

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