Thank You for Your Vote Against Code Changes Governing Downtown Development

Honorable Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and Distinguished Members of the Blowing Rock Council:

We appreciate your vote against proposed changes in town codes governing downtown development. We also appreciate your resolution to obtain expert professional assistance with any future evaluation of town codes. We clearly think it is vitally important to retaining town quality that council have a maximum amount of discretion on proposed developments. We think it is very important that you retain the best professional planning talent to objectively review our codes and to assist in development of a fact based town plan using information from successful plans of other communities. The Blowing Rock Civic Association has many members who have been highly successful in many fields but we found it necessary to hire two experienced town planners, three attorneys, and one of the best architects in North Carolina to provide us with expert guidance as we evaluated the proposed changes in Blowing Rock codes. We also had experts advising us who had years of planning board and town council experience here and in other towns. Many hours were spent to assure, as in the past, that our presentations to you were factual and accurate. Our intense study of town codes impressed us with the complexity and importance of this subject matter that you must deal with constantly.

Again thanks for all of your effective efforts,

George Wilcox
Blowing Rock Civic Association

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