Tax Increases in the Town of Blowing Rock

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To Friends and Members of Blowing Rock Civic Association

Blowing Rock Civic Association has added over 200 members in just the 2 months of June and July, 2017.  Thanks to all of you who understand our mission to Protect and Enhance life in Blowing Rock.
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Did you get your tax bill?  Was the combined increase for the Town of Blowing Rock and Watauga County 22%?  Mine was 21.5%  DO YOU THINK THIS PERCENT IS SUSTAINABLE?


The property tax increase of 21.5% increase in just one year along with the increased spending in the Town of Blowing Rock over the past 4 years shows an alarming trend (This chart is attached)  This is very burdensome on lower income families who know and love Blowing Rock and want to live in Blowing Rock.  Plus any tax increase that can be passed on makes everything more expensive for homeowners, renters, tourist, and businesses.  Probably no business will take a tax increase without trying to revamp their costs.  So all products go up also.  Tax increases spirals on every level.


If you are concerned,  email your mayor and elected council members as well as the chair of Watauga County and their elected commissioners.


The Town of Blowing Rock


Mayor – J. B. Lawrence

Mayor Pro Tem – Albert Yount
Jim Steele –
Doug Matheson –  – Up for reelection 2017
Ray Pickett – – Up for reelection 2017
Sue Sweeting – – Up for reelection 2017


Watauga County Commissioners


Chair – John Welch
Vice Chair – Billy Kennedy
Jimmy Hodges –
Larry Turnbow –
Perry Yates –




Betsy Wilcox
Blowing Rock Civic Association

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