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July 8, 2021

Each month the Tourism Development Authority issues a newsletter to provide important information about tourism events and topics in Blowing Rock. If you visit the lower right hand bottom of the Blowingrock.com website, you will find a “Subscribe to E-Newsletter” link here: https://blowingrock.com/contact-us/social-media/ There are also links to various social media accounts, which may also help you in the loop.

As you know Roger Brooks is in Town to lead a Sustainable Tourism Study for Blowing Rock.

Mr. Brooks shared his initial observations on July 1st in a three hour presentation that is available for you to review below.

The MOST IMPORTANT NEXT STEP is for you to COMPLETE A SURVEY using the link provided below. YOUR VOICE IS IMPORATANT as the TDA and Town Council formulate recommendations to balance the impact of tourism on our village to insure a quality of life for residents and quality experience for visitors.

You will learn what Mr. Brooks attributes most of our negative experiences to Downtown Congestion caused by inadequate parking and wayfinding. People will come, so how do we prioritize People as pedestrians, not Cars in our Downtown.

The TDA released the following survey link and link to the Town’s YouTube video on July 5, 2021.

Take the Survey!

The Blowing Rock TDA wants to hear from residents, business owners, and locals as we work toward a Sustainable Tourism Management Plan. A survey of just nine questions is currently available. These are not multiple-choice questions; the open-ended format allows respondents to give full opinions and suggestions. Complete the survey here:


This link is case sensitive, so note that if typing into a browser.

Video of Presentation and Next Steps

Roger Brooks presented his Assessment Findings & Suggestions Workshop last week. This was recorded, and can be viewed on the Town’s Youtube channel:

Roger begins by giving an overview of first impressions of Blowing Rock. He notes that Blowing Rock is a place that feels safe, welcoming, and authentic. He points out so many things that make Blowing Rock a special and unique place. He begins talking about overtourism at 31:00, along with comparisons to places that suffer from it. From there, he gives suggestions on general things that could be addressed. At 40:15 he begins discussing parking. With parking as a main issue to address, he goes into more detail for potential priorities beginning at 46:20. These suggestions are meant to be a conversation starter, and are all based on Roger’s decades of experience working in destination communities. The next steps will be about tailoring recommendations to our unique community.

This week, Roger will focus on listening to the community. He began meeting with some groups today, including Town Council. Focus groups include lodging, homeowners, retail, and more. Along with the survey responses, the information gathered in these interviews will help inform the overall Sustainable Tourism Management Plan. We look forward to hearing from more of you!

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