Summary of August 14, 2018 Blowing Rock Council Meeting

Friends – The following were significant points from the subject meeting:

1. Vitally important painting of street lines to protect driver safety has been delayed according to Town Manager Ed Evans due to problems with obtaining trucks to transport paint and due to the rainy weather.

2. Difficult to drive Sourwood Lane on Green Hill will temporarily be made a one lane street while water lines are being replaced. According to Ed Evans this street is only 8 feet wide at one point while NCDOT requires that a one lane street be at least 9 feet wide and that a two lane street be at least 18 feet wide. The manager stated that a number of town streets do not meet NCDOT standards.

3. Laurel Park resident John Pfeifer, during the citizen comments section of the meeting, asked the town to place signage at the intersection of Laurel Park Rd. and Main to prevent serious safety problems created by vehicles parked and u turning in that space.

4. Laurel Park resident Lee Rocamora, during the citizen comments section of the meeting, asked council to allow citizens to address current agenda items in their comments.

5. The Town, by use of a recently acquired program, has found 24 short term rentals in residential areas of town where they are prohibited by law.

6. For the first time council has adopted a formal performance review form and procedure for evaluating town manager performance.

7. Preceding the meeting Council member Sue Sweeting conducted a very informative discussion session with citizens that covered a wide range of town government matters. The County Commission public hearing 8/21 @ 5:30 P.M. in the county commission boardroom in Boone on financing for a proposed $ 35 million recreation center in Boone was one of the important topics discussed.


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George Wilcox

President – Blowing Rock Civic Association

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