Solid Progress on Obtaining Expert Assistance for Planning for Downtown and Valley Blvd. Blowing Rock

All – Excellent progress was achieved at last night’s BR Town council meeting with the appointment of Council members Sue Sweeting, Albert Yount and Jim Steele to an ad hoc committee formed to obtain and work with expert professional assistance on planning for downtown and Valley Blvd. (321 corridor in BR). Sue Sweeting who initiated this effort will chair the committee that will include two or three additional members from the community. We strongly recommended the inclusion of Blowing Rock  homeowner Joe Bogdahn on this committee. Joe, an experienced real estate developer, has worked extensively with professional planning experts on the improvement of downtown Winterhaven, Florida. Joe spoke eloquently at the recent public hearing against. proposed downtown Blowing Rock code changes that were rejected unanimously by council. Joe will bring a much needed professional perspective to this process. After some discussion regarding the need to update the Blowing Rock comprehensive Plan it was decided that the small ad hoc committee was the best way at this time to expedite the planning process before developers force piecemeal decisions that might not serve the best interest of the town long term. The ad hoc committee will begin work immediately.

Best regards,

George Wilcox

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