Parking, Utilities, Council Update

Greetings from BRCA 28605!

We want to provide you with a quick update on three very important issues:

1. The Blowing Rock Town Council has deferred the Pay to Park issue.  It has been removed from the agenda for next week’s Council Meeting.  Per The Village Tattler Issue 813: “Blowing Rock Town Council has decided to postpone discussion of the Proposed Paid Parking Program and the associated public hearing on the parking code amendment. Details of the proposal were presented at the March 28th community meeting where citizens asked questions and gave vital feedback. The item has been removed from the April 11th Town Council Meeting agenda, and will be reviewed further and discussed at a later date, yet to be determined. Keep an eye on Town communications for a date announcement.”


2. It is our understanding that the Underground Utilities project will not be on the agenda for the upcoming April 11th Council Meeting.  We have not had that confirmed in writing but were told by a source.  As soon as the Agenda is available we will confirm and share the link to the packet.

3. The regular scheduled Blowing Rock Town Council meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday April 11, 2023 at 6:00 PM at Town Hall.  BRCA will be in attendance.

As always thank you for engaging BRCA and for your financial support.  You can give your tax-deductible contribution at

We trust Holy Week has be a great week for you and Happy Easter.

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