Letter to the Editor 6/6/2019

Subject:  Very Important Decision on Downtown Blowing Rock Development Next Tuesday Night  5/14/2019

Dear Editor:

A 40 room hotel with restaurant and bar has been proposed for downtown Blowing Rock by a Charlotte developer who previously has developed a Ramada Inn in Dickinson, North Dakota. The proposed hotel, if approved by Blowing Rock Council, will be located on a less than one acre property back of the Speckled Trout restaurant.  This is a major decision for Blowing Rock. The following are facts concerning this project:

1.       The building would reach a height of 60 feet or six stories above Highway 221. The hotel would therefore be a very visible landmark in downtown standing much higher than other downtown buildings.

2.       A question by Council member Virginia Powell at the initial hearing on this project revealed that the developer’s plan that was presented as meeting all town codes does not meet town green space requirements for the area from the street to the building entrance. It was further revealed at the hearing that some of the parking places presented by the developer do not meet the size requirements of town code.

3.       A traffic study was presented by the developer that was done in November of 2018 in an attempt to show that the hotel with its 40 rooms, 1750 square feet restaurant and bar and 36 seats patio space would have little impact on neighborhood or town traffic either daily or from special events held at the hotel.

4.       The developer plans to have 53 onsite parking places in the development.

5.       The developer stated that estimated room rates for the proposed hotel have not yet been determined.

We urge all interested Blowing Rock citizens to attend next Tuesday’s important council meeting starting at 6:00 P.M. at Town Hall. A hearing on this major matter will resume at Tuesday’s meeting.  Any citizen can speak at this hearing after which council will vote to approve or deny the request for a permit for this development.


William H. Carter – Blowing Rock Civic Association


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