The mission of The Blowing Rock Civic Association is to protect and improve the quality of life in Blowing Rock by taking proactive stands on civic affairs; informing, educating and engaging residents on key town issues; working with local government; and encouraging citizens to be involved in the community.


The Blowing Rock Civic Association is a 501(c)(3) organization of more than 300 members that is approved by the IRS to inform and educate the public on matters that impact the quality of life in the community. Contributions to a 501(c)(3) organization are tax deductible. There are different types of 501(c)(3) organizations with different missions. The Blowing Rock Civic Association’s mission is similar to that of many other 501(c)(3) community organizations including the Palm Beach Civic Association that has operated effectively for over seventy years.


The BRCA has a board of directors composed of lawyers, a CPA, an engineer, a town merchant, a construction executive, commercial real estate executives, and business executives. These board members and volunteers conduct the business of the association with rigorous oversight. The Charlotte law firm Johnston Allison & Hord, that includes tax specialists, and Blowing Rock Accountant Orian Carter, Enrolled Agent, serve as consultants to the association to assure strict compliance with all IRS regulations including annual reports to the IRS. The association has also used the services of various High Country law firms. The association does not engage in any political activity such as endorsing or opposing political candidates.


The association strives to develop and publish factual information about matters involving town, county and state governments. In developing this information the association uses volunteers and paid professionals such as town planners, architects, engineers and attorneys to assure the accuracy of published information.  Matters addressed by the association include administrative items such as development permits and town codes. On both administrative and legislative matters it is the intent of the association to develop and publicize factual information and to neither oppose nor endorse specific action on these matters. BRCA volunteers have no personal financial incentive to participate in association activities or to publish less than totally accurate information. They and all board members are, however, local property owners and taxpayers who want to preserve and enhance the community and Blowing Rock property values.


The BRCA encourages positive community development that does not damage the unique character of Blowing Rock. The BRCA Development Evaluation Committee, composed of a retired Superior Court Judge, a real estate executive, a CPA business executive, a former N.C. town council member, a construction company executive, an architect and three engineers, has issued reports on developments proposed in Blowing Rock since the association’s inception in 2015.


Brian Beaty, BRCA Board Member; Bill Carter, BRCA Board Member; Richard Gambill, BRCA Board Member; Tim Gupton, BRCA Board Member; Karyn Herterich, BRCA Board Member; Jean Kitchin, BRCA Board Member;  Dan McLamb, BRCA Board Member; Blake Pace, BRCA Board Member; Senator Tony Rand, BRCA Board Member; Jim Scott, BRCA Board Member; Julian West, BRCA Board Member; Betsy Wilcox, BRCA Board Member; George Wilcox,

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