Headwaters of the New River Project on Valley Boulevard

The Planning Board approved the conditional rezoning application from Kevin Troyer owner of 4 Forty Four construction company to approve the Headwaters project located on the former New River Inn property at 6875 Valley Boulevard with four conditions including a 5 year vested right to commence all phases of the project and installation of a photovoltaic solar system on the south side of the office building utilizing space in excess of the percentage allowed by current ordinances.

The project is a re-develop of an existing site that includes an officer building on Valley Boulevard, potentially a second office building and up to 10 cottage or treehouse residential rental units on about 5 acres. The project was described as low impact and environmentally sensitive.

The New River runs through the property and certain areas are in a floodplain and wetlands. The application included a commitment from the owners to conserve portions of the river bed land to allow construction of the Middle Fork Greenway.

The project should be on the November Town Council agenda.

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