Happy Memorial Day and The Beginning of Summer

May 27, 2018


Friends – Another great spring has arrived in our beautiful town. In addition to our fulltime residents we now have the pleasure of greeting the many seasonal residents who are returning to our community. As the pace of activities accelerates it’s a good time to reflect with gratitude on the many unique blessings of this wonderful , unique place. We are very thankful for some of the world’s most beautiful scenery and mountain views right here in our town. We are deeply grateful to those who have given their lives to protect our nation and to those many others who have so ably and courageously served in our military. We are also very grateful to those community leaders who have preserved Blowing Rock’s charming village quality from the pressures of indiscriminate development that have destroyed other communities. These pressures will continue and accelerate as the economy continues to improve. Those promoting developments will claim that homeowners will be able to avoid tax increases because of new developments though experience in many towns and cities has shown the opposite to be true. Blowing Rock now has two very significant developments underway that were carefully considered by our planning board and council. A third significant development has been approved by our planning board. These three developments, a very significant number for a small town, clearly demonstrate that our town encourages good development that is compatible with traditional community quality.

Best wishes for much joy and happiness in this great season in this sublime place.

George Wilcox

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