Green Hill Comminication Equipment Update

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Green Hill Tower Update

Council briefly discussed the new replacement communication building by the water tower on Green Hill.  The new communication building has been installed.  At the 2023 Winter Retreat the Town Manager mentioned the need to replace the current wooden pole (approximately 60 feet in height) with a new 80 foot metal pole.  There has been discussions and rumors about the height of the replacement pole but according to comments this past Tuesday at the Town Council Meeting there are no current specifics available on the tower replacement or it’s height.  Mayor Sellers and Interim Town Manager Kevin Rothrock assured the public that specs are out to an engineering company and the height of the new tower is currently unknown.  They assured the public it would be taller than the current pole but no further information is available.  There was discussion that it would require a Special Use Permit (SUP) and would go before the Planning Board and then the Town Council for approval as a part of the process.  We will watch closely and communicate any available updates.  You may want to watch that portion of Tuesday’s Council Meeting on the town’s YouTube channel for specific discussion points.  The link to the January 9 Council meeting is here:

Town Council Retreat
January 29-30-31, 2024
American Legion Building
333 Wallingford St, Blowing Rock, NC 28605
(Details to follow)

Blowing Rock WinterFest
Details link here:
January 25-28, 2024

Complete community calendar here:

Sewer Work on Main Street Update

From Town Hall:  On January 15, sewer work will begin on Main Street at the Morris Street intersection. Morris Street will be closed at this location. Sewer installation on Main Street will then continue towards Chestnut Drive, utilizing parking spaces on the east side of Main Street. Sewer installation continues on the east side of Main from Morris Street north to Maple Street through the end of February. Lane shifts will be expected during this construction and Fridays of each work will be reserved for cleanup unless lost workdays through the week.

On behalf of everyone at BRCA we sincerely appreciate your financial support and your engagement with us.  We hope everyone has a great and extended MLK weekend!

Tom Barrett, VP & Executive Committee

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