Gigi Poole’s Town Council Meeting Comments May 14, 2019

My name is Gigi Poole and I live at 147 Dogwood Lane, Blowing Rock.  I was not here for the previous meeting, but tonight I have gotten to see the Interveners, but I don’t know who the Applicants are?  Oh, Mr. Barker and his attorney, Ms. Garrett.  And this is the same applicant who came to the Council several months ago asking to build condominiums on the property?  This was voted down, so they have come back now with an attorney to ask for a 40 room hotel to be built.  So, my question is, what is everyone here’s motivation, or vested interest, in the project.

My motivation, and I believe the motivation of most of the people/property owners in this room is to ensure that we maintain the character and beauty of our town.

So what is the motivation of the Applicant?  Since the applicant has now changed what he wants built on his property, it is apparent that he is just interested in money.  He bought this piece of property to make money and that is what he wants.  He may have paid alot or just a little for it, but he wants his money out of it.

Now, we come to our Town Council, what is their/its motivation?  Well, I hope it would be the same as the people in this room, but we know that they are called to a specific charge to vote according to the Findings of Fact, that is displayed on the wall behind me.  These Findings of Fact require that the Council not approve the project unless EACH of the 5 items is met.  It does not say OR; it says EACH.  That is an important distinction.  And I ask that they carefully consider this as they vote.

Thank you for allowing me to speak.



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