BRCA Congratulates Town of Blowing Rock on Comprehensive Plan Update 2024

On February 13, 2024, the Town Council in Blowing Rock adopted the latest update to its Comprehensive Plan, the most recent in a series of updates going back to an initial comprehensive plan adopted in 1982.  While BRCA cannot and does not claim credit for this accomplishment, we do note that some of our officers and Board members were among the members of the public who contributed comments and served on the committee working with the Town’s staff and consultants to develop the 2024 document.  We support the long-range vision that underlies the Plan, that is:

The shared vision for the future of the Town of Blowing Rock is one of a vibrant mountain resort community that welcomes all with its charming authenticity and unique sense of place.

BRCA’s mission includes doing its part to keep its members and the public at large informed about important civic matters; the 2024 Plan update is certainly in that category.  The drafters anticipate that during the next 10 years, it will guide Town staff, Town Council, appointed boards and committees, agencies and partners working with the Town, developers and the general public in suggesting and considering major policy changes, capital improvements and other potential projects.

The plan has four focus areas or major themes, as follows:

Downtown: Preserve and enhance Downtown Blowing Rock as the vibrant cultural centerpiece of the community

Connectivity: Ensure that all residents can freely move in and around the Town through a variety of transportation modes

Development: Manage the appearance, location, and characteristics of future development so that they complement and enhance the Town of Blowing Rock

Municipal Services: Continue to provide high quality public services to the Blowing Rock community and advocate for the improvement of services provided by outside vendors

Within each of these focus areas, the 2024 Plan update includes a number of implementation strategies.  Here are a few that seem to be at the forefront of the Town Council’s priorities based on statements made at their January 2024 winter retreat and the February Council meeting:  revise downtown zoning and design regulations seeking to maintain character and charm of existing and historic development; implement downtown paid parking with special arrangements for residents and employees; study location and funding options for additional parking facilities; implement water and sewer facilities plan with updates as needed; establish stormwater management enterprise fund.

BRCA congratulates the Town on its adoption of the 2024 Plan update, including its enunciation of a vision of a vibrant welcoming town. Our leadership looks forward to participating in its implementation in the coming years, in part by providing insights into the views and experience of the community’s homeowners who are our primary constituents. 

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