Blowing Rock Town Council Meeting February 13, 2018 at 5:30pm at the Town Hall

February 13, 2018

1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

3.  Special Recognition & Reports

a. Resolution of Appreciation – Barbara  Wright

4.  Approval of Minutes

a. January  9, 2018 Regular  Town Council  Meeting

b. January  14,  15  and  16 Town Council  Retreat

c. January  16, Closed  Session

5.  Consent Agenda

a.  Shriners  Parade – Date Request

b. 2018  Globe Gravel  Challenge Bike Ride- Date Request

c. Blowing Rock First Baptist  SK-Date Request

d.  Blowing Rock Fall Classic  2018 – Date Request

e. Resolution for National Parks

1.  Public Hearings

a.  Subdivision – The Cottages  at Green Hill Subdivision – Kevin Rothrock

b.  Blowing  Rock  Townhomes  – Kevin Rothrock

1.  Old Business

a. Laurel  Lane Presentation – Next  Step and Request for Temporary Closure  – Jim Pitts/John Aldridge

b. Watauga  County  Veteran’s Memorial – Military  Officer’s Association of America (MOAA)  Donation

Request – Ed Evans

c.  Condos at Village Green – Parking Area Repair Consideration – McGill, Inc.

d. White Line Stripping – Ed Evans – Mike Wilco

e. Memorial Tree Donation-Draft Policy- Jennifer Brown/Ed

2.  New Business

a. Board Appointments  – Ed Evans

b. Main Shutoff Valve – Water Plant – McGill, Inc.

c.  Short Term Rental Helper Software – Tracy Brown

d.  Speakers from Floor Policy – Ed Evans

3.  Manager’s Report

1.  Departmental Reports

a. ABC Minutes (No meeting – No Report)

b.  BRAAC Minutes

c. Financial Report

d .  Fire & Rescue

e.  McGill Associates

f.  Parks & Recreation

g. Planning & Inspections

h. Police Department

i.  Public Works

j. Water Treatment Plant (provide at meeting)

1.  Speakers from the floor

Prior to the meeting, anyone wishing to speak shall complete an index card supplied by the Town Clerk, on which they will provide their name, address, telephone  number  and the topic they wish to address. In deference to all who wish to speak, each speaker will be asked to limit his or her comments  to no more than three (3) minutes. Speakers for Public Hearings do not need to sign up.

1.  Closed Session Pursuant to NCGS 143-318.11(6) – Personnel, NCGS 143-318.11 (a)(5) Real Property

2.  Return to open Session

3.  Adjourn

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