Snow!!!! Thank you Blowing Rock Public Works Team

(Photo courtesy of Lonnie Webster)

January 25,2021

Dear Blowing Rock Homeowners and Public Works Team,

The snow has been beautiful to observe, but sometimes we may take for granted the Public Works Team that makes our lives better.

One of our board members, Joe Bogdahn, let me know how much he appreciated our quality Town services. HIs quote reflects the appreciation that we all feel, but rarely express.

“Without question the Blowing Rock Public Works team epitomizes superior customer service.   Their responsiveness to every situation has been outstanding – whether  replacing a burst water meter at the beginning of a holiday weekend, turning off my water when I was unable to get up before a big freeze, or keeping the town roads clear in snowstorms.  Director Matt Blackburn  and Shane Fox show exemplary leadership and I know they are proud of their team.”


Tim Gupton



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