24/7 Transport Ambulance Proposal

August 18, 2021

Dear Blowing Rock Homeowners,

Beech Mountain is dealing with the same 24/7 transport ambulance service that we are in Blowing Rock.

This article in the Watauga Democrat describes the compromise funding solution that the taxpayers of Beech Mountain will have to fund. See the following link. As we have discussed


As we have discussed in many posts and at our community ambulance meeting on July 22nd, the Town Council is faced with having to choose between continuing a 40 year stand-off with the County under the “Double Taxation” principle or agreeing to a compromise subsidy to secure 24/7 transport ambulance service.

After careful deliberation, our Board of Trustees recommends that the Town Council negotiate a compromise subsidy with the County containing the following key conditions:
Station a 24/7 ambulance and team at Fire & Rescue building on Valley Boulevard
Substantially limit convalescence service by this team
Share funding 50/50 between the Town and the Blowing Rock Fire District
Include a plan to phase out the subsidy over a reasonable time frame
While a subsidy seems unfair given our County taxes, prioritizing the health and safety of our residents and visitors should the goal.

Hopefully our advocacy over the last two years to secure a 24/7 transport ambulance service has helped prompt our Town and County elected officials to reach a solution.


Tim Gupton

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