2024 Town Priorities for Blowing Rock

April 4, 2024

Greetings from BRCA 28605!  We are back.

Congratulations Laramie!

This is a “good news bad news” item.  Please join us in congratulating Laramie on her recent acceptance of a full-time position with BRCC as the new Events Coordinator.  While we will certainly miss her, we are delighted that she has an opportunity to pursue her passion.  As you are seeing her at BRCC this summer please congratulate her.  She will continue to occasionally assist BRCA, as we begin the process of identifying a new part-time Admin Assistant.  We welcome any referrals you may have.

Embers Hotel is Open

Embers Hotel opened April 1st.  Current room rates range from $265 to $359 per night.  Explore this new property here (click):

2024 Blowing Rock Top 10 Priorities

As many of you begin the process of thinking about your 2024 season the Town has listed the focus for 2024.

1. Downtown Paid Parking: Initial planning in the fall of 2024 with implementation in April 2025.
2. Downtown Parking Expansion: McGill will assist the town in exploring options.
3. Memorial Park Improvements: Phase II- Secure funding options for up to $2.1 Million.
4. Mayview Lake Spillway: Repair
5. Overall Employee Pay/Benefit evaluation
6. Town Website: Create new website with more functionality.
7 Water Tank Maintenance: RFP’s considered for next 10 years 
8. Storm Water Utility: Present options for new storm water utility and fund FY24 & 25.
9. Cemetery: Section 8 Option: Potential partners for a mausoleum or columbarium
10. Sidewalk Master Plan: Explore plan for new and existing sidewalks.

The recording of the Winter Retreat are available on the Town’s website (click): 

Some Real Estate Numbers of Interest

We received a flyer from a local real estate broker last week.  They note 121 sales YTD (24 below same time 2023) with an average 72 days on the market and average sales price of $398 per square foot.  We looked on Zillow for 28605, the homes for sale range from $500 to $750 per square foot.  While there was a 16.5% decrease in the total number of sales but an 8.8% increase in the average sales price.

Water & Sewer

After being out of town for 12 days we ventured off to the Post Office.  Main Street was closed beyond the 221 stoplight toward Chetola and there was work ongoing in front of Town Hall with one lane open.  Slow and steady progress.

Volunteer Leaders Wanted

BRCA is now seeking volunteers to serve on our Board of Trustees for the 24/25 season.  If you are interested, please send us a note at info@brcivic.org.

On behalf of all of us at BRCA we hope you had a safe Easter, and we are looking forward to the 2024 season.  We sincerely appreciate your financial support and engagement.  Have a great week!

Tom Barrett
BRCA VP & Executive Committee

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